YouOS: A revolutionary web operating system

YouOS: A revolutionary web operating systemHave you ever heard about an Web OS? No? I too but now there’s YouOS. A complete operating system “booted” in your browser! You can edit a document at home in a text editor and then go to school or work and instantly access the same text editor and document. In fact, you don’t really even need to own a computer. You just need to borrow one on occasion. Working out of internet cafes or libraries? Your desktop, applications, and data travel with you from cafe to cafe, session to session. And tedious things like data backups and archiving? YouOS will take care of them for you.

YouOS and its applications run entirely within a web browser, but have the look and feel of desktop applications. An application’s code and data reside remotely but are executed and modified locally.

Everything in YouOS is built upon a set of open RESTful server APIs. The default YouOS client implementation (AJAX), the developer portal, the IDE – everything is built on simple, open xml accessible through the http protocol. What does this mean? It means anyone can write a client of their own – whether it’s in another web page, a Flash movie, Konfabulator, or even a native Windows client. Don’t like the IDE? Build your own that fits your needs!

You like the idea? Use it and play around. It’s still an experiment but runs already quite stable.

Sun Ray technologyDo you want to have it for your company? Hm – why don’t you got to Sun Microsystems and use their great Sun Ray technology. By this you get rid of the old platforms and get a ThinClient which isn’t only a slim PC – it’s really a complete different concept. The Sun Ray client is a compact plug-and-work device that processes only user input and screen output. It is a “headless” device that is compatible with standard VGA monitors, designed to allow leverage of existing IT investments. Not really new, but getting more and more traction day for day. Chck it out! Ask a Sun employee – he’ll take you to one of our offices and will present how we work on these machines…

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