Why you should have an eye on Web 2.0 Services for your company

Some people think of Web 2.0 only in terms of an advanced collection of web interface technologies and consider web applications with a pop-up calendar, a rich text editor, or drag-and-drop functionality as being all there is to Web 2.0. But when these capabilities are joined with the idea of the read/write web, then the true power of Web 2.0 emerges.

For example, the pop-up calendar is the user interface for an online calendar that is shared with other members of a group, and clicking on the date checks the availability of the other people in the group to make meeting scheduling easier. The rich text editor is the user interface for a wiki that enables users to quickly and easily publish documents that can be shared with other members of a group.

Today I read an interresting blog entry from Matt Rogers about how Web 2.0 affects users. As this is a great summary please find the main points in following. Matt sees three topics which are important:

  • Personal expression – It gives users a greater ability to express their personalities to others
  • Efficient connections – It makes meeting new like-minded people more efficient
  • Information discovery – It changes how people discover information”

Sure, so far nothing new and not really rocket science, as Matt admits. But: …”none of these dynamics are new or unique to Web 2.0 – they represent some of the core motivators of most humans – all Web 2.0 has done is make achieving these human objectives online easier.

From its aggregation capabilities to community support, self-publishing features, and collaboration services, a portal implemented using Sun Java System Portal Server gives you access to better web technologies to build the read/write web.

Tom Mueller, a colleague at Sun, has written an excellent article at developers.sun.com about Web 2.0 and Sun’s Portal server, where he points to many other sources. Have a look on it!

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