Vodafone Betavine: Built and test convergence applications for future telco networks!

betavineVodafone Betavine is an online public, collaborative research and development space looking at encouraging the further convergence between the mobile phone and the internet. It is also aimed at encouraging the development of exciting new mobile applications. And anyone with an interest in mobile applications can join for free. Vodafone Betavine is a pre-commercial space for collaboration and is not directly linked into the commercial functions of Vodafone.

Even if you’re not a developer you gain after registration the right to access the full application download list (which is much bigger than the restricted list that casual visitors can access). Beta testers will be able to shape the development of these applications and suggest new applications.

So why Vodafone is doing this effort? “We hope that it will encourage innovation and act as a platform for some of the hidden talent in the world of mobile application development. We also anticipate that the site will encourage discussion and debate ensuring that visitors play an active role in creating new wireless and internet communications applications”, so the responsible people from Vodafone Betavine.

More info at http://www.vodafonebetavine.net.

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