Update to Telecommunication Conference in Bonn (1)

In following you can find some notes I took during the conference today. Sorry – some speakers I don’t mention, but they have mostly presented company strategies which can be found already at their webpages and have no really brand new informations for us telco-insiders…

Carsten SchloterCarsten Schloter, CEO Swisscom AG (Switzerland): At the moment all application worlds (TV, PC, mobiles devices) are stuck in silos. Schloters pointed out that there are many ways to handle convergence and consilidation. E.g. consumer customers struggle with huge gaps between these application worlds. Convergence is for Schloter the key, but he sees that this won’t happen because of standardization of services than through integrated service providers (buzz words: Triple Screen / One Service). These integrated service providers can offer bundles which can’t be offered by service providers which focus in one or two services only. By this integrated service providers can manage prize battles much better. Additionally they face bigger cost reductions by going to only-IP networks. By convergence of networks they can drive much better consolidation and gain value in an economy of scale.

Rolf Hansen, Founder and General Manager of SIMYO (MVNO, Germany): The manager of germans no thrill-mobile discounter presented right to the first birthday of his own company, the first german MVNO named SIMYO. The joint venture together with E-Plus (the german KPN subsidiary) is still the leader and agenda setter in Germany – and this with only 29 employees. Hansen demonstrated how importent market research is for a new market and how he did his researchs. And finally he dropped some words about marketing: His slogan – combining the simpel DNA of a protozoan with a SIM card – is still a hit! Trends (he named them “Mobile 2.0″, let’s see if this word will get a own branding as well) Hansen identified in this market: fixed/mobile convergence, marketing (blogs, community, newsletter…), Web 2.0. At the end he gave an outlook that SIMYO might offer fixed line services in future as well – at the moment they’re still analyzing the market. Stay tuned for news in this area…

“The countdown is running!”, told us Carsten Ahrens, General Manager Ericsson GmbH (Germany) and meant the World Soccer Championship in Germany and the revenue opportunities for mobile carriers. In his presentation about New Media Revenues he tried to answer the question where the revenues are coming from in mobile TV market. Opportunities, so Ahrens, are from monthly fees over interactive services and special fees (”Vote and Greet” Model), classic advertisement to transactional models. And again – one of the buzz words of the event: Next Generation Networks & convergence in all-IP networks. As a Sun employee (= IP in my own DNA as well) I can only say, that this is a very good story.

Versatel’s managing director Peter Knauer started his slot with a provocing thesis: Wireline is dead – Long live Wireline! Some years ago everybody deckined a growth in fixed line. This was old school and so boring… And now broadband is back – stronger than ever. Why is it? For Knauer it’s all about competition – and competition in DSL started in Germany very late in 2004. The broadband market (he is thinking about DSL market, because he argues that cable market has missed the window of opportunity in Germany) is still growing and Versatel as well. Three “C” are important for Knauer: Convergence, Consolidation and consistance in regulation. Exampel consolidation: Its growth is explained though dynamic growth and acquisition of other companies (19 companies since 2001).

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