Sun rocks

Just found myself and two other dear colleagues dancing like rockstars at our customer party. I found it so funny that I’d like to share it with you.


Sun’s ITU party: Deadly escape by Robert Gallup

Watch this incredible stunt done by Robert Gallup, a master illusionist and and death-defying escapologist, a crane, chains, and a deadly clicking clock… He was our highlight this night at our ITU customer party at the Peak in Hong Kong, Dec 5th 2006.

Incredible show – amazing party…


Worldwide more than 3 billion mobile phone subscriber until 2008!

According to ITU’s “World Society Report 2006″ more and more people are connecting to mobile networks than ever. Especially in China, Russia and India are driving this business, so International Telecommunication Union (ITU) reported. From worldwide 2.1 billion mobile subscriberin 2005 ITU is expecting more than 3 billion users in 2008 – pretty 50% of […]