Mobile Music? Yes, sir!

Mobile MusicAccording to Frost & Sullivan mobile phones will be more and more the digital music player number one in Europe. Analyst Pranab Mooken expects a growth in revenue from 1,56 billion Euro in 2004 to 7,85 billion Euro in 2011. Better network connections, allowing playing Over-the- Air (OTA)-Full-Track-Music and as well Master-Ringtones/Real Tones, will change the paradig in musical entertainment, said Pranab. Even if there are some problems in the beginning between the mobile and the music industry the branche will see a tremendous change.

Additional Mobile Operators and Mobile Music Service Provider won’t focus any more only at 11-15 year-olds in future. More and more the grown-ups, showing much more constant consuming habbits, are getting into the target of the industry.

Is this future? No! For exampel Vodafone has launched a new service, “Vodafone Radio DJ”, offering interactive, personalised radio channels streamed to both 3G mobile phones and personal computers. Vodafone has teamed up with Sony NetServices to enter into the downloadable music and streaming music business through the interactive radio system “Vodafone Radio DJ” – basing on Sun Technology!

Radio DJ by VodafoneWith the new service, the customers can have access to hundreds of songs, both current popular hits and the old ones, from the world’s largest record companies and many smaller independent labels. The can also access to streamed radio channels, bespoke collections and channels defined by customers themselves. Vodafone Radio DJ features easy-to-use personalisation system, which enables customers to “train” the pre-programmed radio channels to their own personal tastes by simply pressing a button to indicate “like” or “dislike” while listening to a song. The new service consists of three elements – predefined channels, personal channels and collections. The users can also purchase music on either the mobile phone or on the PC platform and then download it to either device. The new service by Vodafone is launched on a monthly subscription basis for unlimited listening and will be available in six European countries.

More info at Vodafone’s Radio DJ page.

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