Heavy Rain: „The Casting“ brings emotion into computer games

Heavy Rain: The CastingAn young actress moves in. A voice asks her if she ever has been in a casting before. The actress proves that she knows to play and demonstrates many emotions. Normal? Yes – for a movie casting absolutly. But not for a computer game! An impressive demo at this year’s E3, “Heavy Rain” from Quantic Dreams grabbed the attention of a lot of curious show-goers thanks to its excellent visuals, believable actress, and the fact that it’s an all-new adventure game from the same folks that brought us 2005’s award-winning “Indigo Prophecy”.

On IGN.COM Guillaume de Fondaumière (Executive Producer Quantic Dreams) says in an interview: “Initially, this demo was a purely internal technical prototype that was not supposed to be shown outside the company. Our original goal was just to define if it was possible to create a next-gen character able to express complex emotions and what it would take on a technical point of view.”

For more info have a look at Edge magazin, where Founder and CEO of Quantic Dream, David Cage has given a big interview and more backgrounders about his work and his plan to get more emotions into computer games.

The movie can be downloaded here (Corporate / Thu 11 May, 2006).

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