Emerging Web and Telecom Services: Collision or Coopetition?

ICIN 2007I’m asked to join the Technical Programme Committe of the ICIN conference, which will happen 8 – 11 October 2007 in Bordeaux, France. Headline for this exciting event will be “Emerging Web and Telecom Services: Collision or Coopetition?”.

Until March 12 ICIN 2007 is still seeking papers on a wide range of topics related to theme “Emerging Web and Telecom Services: Collision or Coopetition?” and we from the Technical Programme Committe are seeking high quality, innovative papers on Web, IMS, and content services, architecture, and technology. Therefore we welcome proposals for papers concerning in the interplay of intelligence in end-user devices, residential gateways, enterprise systems, access network, core network signalling and control, as well as applications, service architectures, and business models which build on this interplay.

CIN2007 Call for paper focus and thematic priorities are:

  1. New Services and Applications
  2. Business Models
  3. Service Architecture
  4. Service Enablers
  5. Network Infrastructure and Device Technology

More infomation can be found at the ICIN Page and their Call for Paper page.

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