CSI:Munich – Built your own Thumper with Solaris 10 and dozens of USB Sticks

CSI:MunichBy integrating state of the art server and storage technologies, the Sun Fire X4500 Server (aka Thumper) delivers the remarkable performance of a four-way x64 server and the highest storage density available, with 24 TB in 4U of rack space. This system also delivers incredibly high data throughput for about half the cost of traditional solutions.

Now some german colleagues presented how developers can built their own Thumper system with a notebook, some USB hubs and a dozen USB sticks. Key is the usage of Solaris 10. I’m so sorry that you will not understand it if you don’t speak german at all – but you HAVE to have at least a look at the movie in CSI-Munich style…

The best version can be found here but if you want, you can download it as well (MPEG4/H.264 – 142MB).

Rolf Kersten writes in his blog how they did it.

Have fun!

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