Convergence is happening: In Media. In Telco. And …

Do you know your customer?Convergence has become one of the most central and significant issues faced in the Technology, Media & Telecommunications sector today – shaping everything from product and service launches to catalyzing multi-million dollar mergers and acquisitions. Convergence Conversations, a book published by Deloitte comprises interviews with 36 senior executives from the converging world. In this PDF you’ll find interresting insights from executives from companies like NTT, Gartner, BenQ, SK Telecom, General Electric, Telenet, Orange, Vodacom, Telegraf, Telefonica, oogle, RIM and Time Warner and many other more.

There is a wide range of views on how the subject should be approached – with original perspectives on the rationale and scope of convergence that others will find of interest and learn from. Have a look on this. In my understanding, Identity is key for this convergence play. If services, networks and devices will come together nothing else matters than the underlying identity management.

It might be that tk20208, Lady16 or MillionDollarInvestor_2007 are relevant customers for you. It might be not. Perhaps all three identities are belonging to only one person. Perhaps on different services, handsets or networks. Will you be able to manage this?

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