Conference: Handelsblatt Telco Market Europe

Numbers about the telco market in Europe? You can get them in one conference – and the newest update about strategies of leading companies in this great industry! Yesterday Telekommarkt Europa (Telco Market Europe), a telco focussed conference organized by the newspaper Handelsblatt started. Sun is a long time sponsor of this annual conference and we have again a speaking slot as well (in the last years we had our CTO EMEA Hellmuth Broda, VP Telco Darrell Jordan-Smith and many more – this time it’s up to me).

Prof. Dr. Torsten GerpottToday master of ceremony and key speaker Prof Dr. Torsten Gerpott started the second conference day with his annual view on the numbers. If there are a statistics which shows which mobile services catholic non-smokers in Madrid or Berlin is using and how often – Gerpott knows them. In short here’s what Gerpott summarized:

  • Growth of telecommunication services (source EITO 2006) in
    • Western Europe (EU pls Norway and Swiss): +1,7% from 217 bEUR to 280 bEUR from 2005 to 2007,
    • Eastern Europe (Bulgary, Chechia, Estony, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slowakia, Slowenia): +5% from 21 to 23bEUR
    • USA: +2,4% from 191 to 200 bEUR
    • Japan: +1% from 115 to 118 bEUR and
    • Rest of World: 7,5% from 252 to 291 bEUR
  • In the same years (from 2005 to 2007) growth will be in Western Europe in
    • Classical fixed line calls: 3,1%
    • Data services: +5,4%
    • Wireless services: 3,3% and
    • CATV services: 1,5%.
  • Germany has the biggest decline in revenue in fixed line services and as well – compared to other western european – only a average growth opportunity in wireless.
  • In Eastern Europe Poland and Romania are the most interesting countries if we have a watch on growth opportunities…
  • After the first round of buy-outs in the cellular phone industry the question arose as to the strategic advantages of attempting to move towards consolidation among alternative and established fixed network carriers.

Have a watch on the agenda – it is one of the lonely conferences which really makes sense. It’s good to be here, meeting so many of our customers, partners and our competition as well.

By the way: My speaking slot will be on friday morning – the last day of the three day conference – about “Next generation OSS – challenges and outlook”. I’ll talk about

  1. Going IP: converging networks
  2. Stay flexible: SOA-enabled SDP
  3. Increase profitability: the value of consolidation and standardization

I’ll stress the superb OSS/J initiative and our results at some worldwide customers. Additionally about identity management. I’m sure you know that Gartner has set us in his magic quadrant in the leader position, don’t you?!

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