Broadband penetration to double in 5 years

Project DarkStarThe number of broadband subscribers worldwide is expected to double over the next five years. By the end of 2010, there will be some 413 million broadband subscribers, according to a report from market research firm In-Stat.

Subscriber numbers will be primarily drive by the increasing penetration of established broadband technologies like digital subscriber line (DSL) service and cable modem service, in addition to improvements in fixed wireless broadband and satellite broadband services.

DSL remains the leading broadband access technology. On a worldwide basis, it currently accounts for 69 per cent of all broadband subscribers.

Based on current worldwide broadband growth rates, 3.7 million new subscribers will sign up for broadband services each month this year. In the US, 670,000 people are projected to sign up for broadband services every month. According to In-Stat estimates, in late February 2006 the total number of worldwide broadband subscribers passed 200 million.

This is good news for everybody out there building services for their customers.

And why this is relevant for Sun? Because Sun has several kinds of brilliant infrastructure for this industry – and beside of fantastic Hardware some very interesting Software as well. Beside of Sun’s Content Delivery Server, a brandnew Gaming Server (Project Darkstar) and Digital Rights Management (Project DReaM) you’ll find our Identity Solutions as the key of every service. If you don’t know who you’re customer is, and what he’s allowed to do – and how to bill your service – you’re service won’t be a cashcow for you, would it?

And you need not only “working” solutions – you need secure services. Think about your email! If you want to have encrypted email: no problem – use Sun Secure Mail. Etc. pp.

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