3GSM Worldcongress Barcelona

3GSM Worldcongress 2006 ended today – and WOW, what a show! I arrived already Sunday, Feb 12 in Barcelona and was able to walk over the fair while the last exhibitors finished their booths and a typical atmosphere filled the halls. The show was in the last years always in Cannes, France and was in 2006 moved to Barcelona, Spain. And this was definitly a good idea! Finding hotels (and especially reasonable priced hotels) had been much easier than in the small town of Cannes.

On our Sun booth we presented many speakers and solutions from partners (overview). Sun co-sponsored as well the Sun Israel Mobile Association’s (IMA) Booth. On this booth IMA showed on first hand how IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is balanced to revolutionize the world of value-added services (VAS), the way people communicate, socialize, work, consume information, entertain and lead their lives (flyer to download). You’ve been able to see a complete IMS eco-system at the Israel Mobile Association booth (Hall 4), all running on Sun!

Many other partners attended as well – and many from Germany as well with which I worked already in the past: Synchronica announced their Push Email-Service, Netzwert presented their AAA server etc. pp.

David Bryant from Sun writes in his blog a very good overview about the partly very Entertainment-centric show.

Most of the major cellphone manufacturers all decided to make tons of product announcements on most of the same days – and yes, there had been many to look at. A very nice overview about new Mobilephones and announced stretegies of handset manufacturer can be found at engadget.com.

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